I’m Maria

Consultant. Advocate. Friend.

Like a fine piece of art, my worth, the value I bring to my clients, and my passion for helping people become the best version of themselves, is priceless. An eternal optimist, I am a relentless pursuer of happiness. Discovering how most everything in life can be solved or fixed with a little grit, moxie, and a love for doing what you do, is my superpower.

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KY Dept.
of Ag


KY Dept.
of Ag


Owner & CEO of MMS Consulting

I am a natural born leader whose purpose and passion in life is to help women find their purpose, passion, and why. I am a motivator and supporter, an advocate, encourager, empowerer of women, a mother, and a friend. 

As a third-grader attending St. Peter and Paul Catholic school in Lexington, KY I had big aspirations for this life. My teacher at the time asked us to write our top three goals down. While most of the class listed goals pertaining to the immediate moment, and thought no further than the next month or year, I wrote down the following:

  • To graduate college
  • To become Miss Kentcuky
  • To become a United States Senator

It was these three goals, written on a piece of notebook paper that were later copied onto a yellow post-it note that would hang on my mirror until I was almost a senior in high school that started my love for:

  • Goal setting and accomplishing
  • Dreaming big, being absurdly optimistic and positive
  • Helping others by using my gifts

It was my acceptance into the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA), the following year, that set my life on a course where all three of the goals I had set the year prior could become a reality. My involvement in speech and debate, musicals, dance, and my passion for volunteerism, assisted me in being accepted to the University of Kentucky on a vocal performance scholarship, which led me to the Miss America Organization so that I could chase my dream of becoming Miss Kentucky. 

In May of 2004 I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in Vocal Performance and Psychology. Goal #1: Complete. The following month, on June 10, 2004, I was crowned the first Hispanic Miss Kentucky and won the opportunity to represent my home state at the Miss America 2005 pageant in Atlantic City, NJ where I was an interview award winner. Goal #2: Complete


At the current moment I do not have plans nor any desire to become a United States Senator. My passion and purpose lies in helping women become their most authentic selves. In my humble opinion, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on, that is not synonymous with the political world. Therefore, Goal #3: redirected due to a changed mind.

After 16+ years in corporate america, having won sales awards, a promotion to a sales leader and earning tenure as a coach and developer of people, I left the corporate world to do what was put on my heart a few years ago – serving, empowering, and motivating women to embrace their most authentic selves. My expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Interview Preparation: career, corporate, and pageantry
  • Career Transitions
  • Networking and connection
  • Resume and Cover Letter writing
  • Motivation, Inspiration, Empowerment, and Support
  • Bringing out the very best in YOU!

My company, MMS Consulting Firm, is a place where all women can come to feel their best. But that starts with making a commitment to yourself – to do the work, to want more, to challenge yourself and to love yourself enough to make YOU, a priority. It is my absolute passion to empower women and boost their confidence.

By working with me, you will develop your own personal brand, define your core values, drivers, needs, non-negotiables, and learn to advocate for yourself in all aspects of your life. It is my sincere goal to see you step into your own purpose and own your passion(s). 

So what are you waiting for? Join me today and let’s get started!


Wife & Mom

I’m an all or nothing type of person. It’s why the work I do means so much to me and it is why you can be confident in choosing to work with me.

Two of my life’s greatest achievements are: marrying my husband, and building our family with three of the most spectacular, and sometimes not so spectacular, humans this side of Heaven. My husband and I are each other’s biggest supporters. We challenge each other daily to be better, to love more, and to choose happiness. Our children are an extension of that foundation and it’s in this daily display that our love for them and our desire to see them be the best versions of who they were designed to be, is rooted. If raising kind and giving humans could win you a Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, or Tony – then achieving those would be the penultimate accomplishment of my life.


Supporting the Working Mom through my passion project

For 16+ years I worked in the corporate space. I’ve been an individual contributor, a leader, a mentor, a hiring manager, and a developer of people. I changed industries three times during my corporate tenure. Each transition was navigated with intention, resilience, resourcefulness, and a tenacity to be successful through my work ethic, dedication to learning and commitment to the business and my own personal success. 

Throughout each aspect of my corporate career, becoming and then being a working mom was one of the hardest transitions. As I began having more and more conversations with the women on my team, those I led and those I knew from friendships to networking groups I was involved with, the consistent message I kept hearing was that we needed help – we needed more. We needed to feel seen, heard, and provided resources to help us navigate the transition from working woman, to maternity leave, to working mother. 

Around the time these conversations were taking place, I was in the middle of the most difficult season of my corporate career. I used the opportunity and experience to start a blog that could serve as my therapeutic outlet and to connect with working mothers who might be going through something similar. I needed support, understanding, and solidarity.

What I started at the beginning of 2104 has now become my passion project and outlet for supporting all working moms. My blog, Confessions of a Corporate Mom: Managing Motherhood, Marriage, and Maniacs, has hosted guest bloggers, provided support, solidarity, and empowerment to working moms across the globe. It has given me a passion project outside of my work as a consultant to fill my cup and give me even deeper sense of purpose and belonging.

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