Put Your Best foot forward

Whether you are a freshman just getting started or a soon-to-be college grad navigating the interview process as you venture out into the working world, my vision imagery program has you covered. Book your 30 minute free consultation with me so we can discuss how I can help you put your best foot forward, feeling confident and prepared to tackle the adjustments and challenges of collegiate life, leading up to landing your *first* dream job. 

We can meet either 1:1 or via Zoom. You will also have access to me between scheduled sessions for questions, follow up, or spot coaching!

Here’s what we’ll cover...

  • Resume Review and Cover Letter Writing
  • Executive Vision Imagery: Creating the vision for your future
  • Interview and Mock Interview Preparation Sessions 
  • Building your Brand: Defining what sets you apart
  • Additional Sessions Covering:
  • Enneagram, Mentorship, Progression, Promotion, Leadership, Intra-Company Dynamics, The 1st 90 Days, and Networking


  • Working with Maria was a dream! During our sessions Maria was able to help me expand my abilities and grow them into something I was so proud to share in the interview room and on-stage. The lessons and advice I gained from Maria will be with me through the rest of my life and I am so thankful for her. I definitely recommend working with Maria to anyone looking for help in pushing themselves to the next level and pursuing an abundance of confidence.

    Besty Billings
    1st runner-up to Miss Kentucky’s Outstanding Teen

Let Your Light Shine

Understanding your ‘why’ is the first and most important step in competing for any pageant – no matter the system. I am a firm believer that winning a title is won in the interview. It sets the tone for the entire competition. Having confidence and exuding that confidence in everything you do, are two different things. It’s why I was an interview award winner at Miss America 2005 and have gone on to coach and develop many young women, successfully, in the pageant interview space. My ‘gift of gab’ has afforded me the opportunity to mentor so many driven, intelligent, ambitious, and amazing young women to success in pageantry – where a piece of my heart will always reside.

Here’s what we’ll cover...

  • Introductory Call (or in-person coffee meeting if located in South Florida) 

  • 1:1 sessions that explore interview, goal setting, social impact, and marketing/branding + legacy. 

  • Customized approach that fits you and your coaching needs. 

  • Access to me in between scheduled sessions and for spot coaching.

  • My complete and total support as you compete for your title(s)


  • Maria exemplifies the traits of the Miss America Organization’s four points of the crown: service, style, scholarship, and success. The best quality she beholds? There are so many! But her gentle smile and her dedicated heart rank at the top! I admire and deeply appreciate that through her miles traveled in life, beginning in my home Bluegrass state, she is committed to helping young women, like me, lace up for our paths, many of which are still unknown. With Maria’s presence in my life, I am better prepared for the peaks and valleys ahead of me in high school, selecting a college, and other goals I’ve set for myself. 

    Madelyn Steinberg
    Pageant Client

Boost Your Confidence Through Preparation

Are you looking to make a transition in your life? Have you struggled with defining your brand and what that value means to those looking to hire you? Or are you wanting to create a brand of your own so you’ve been considering that side hustle but are afraid you won’t be successful? Would you love your resume to reflect your truth: that you are a powerhouse woman who is accomplished and capable? 

If any of these apply to you – then our time together will be spent clearly defining your goals for the present as well as building a roadmap for your future. No one should ever shy away from creating their passions into something that allows them to live the life they want. If you’ve thought about it – it’s been put on your heart for a reason.

Here’s what we’ll cover...

  • An hour long introductory kick-off call clearly defining your goals and developing a roadmap for success planning. 

  • A customized experience based on your needs, wants, and progress within the process at the start of our journey.

  • 12 recorded one-hour zoom sessions (or in-person if in South Florida) with me, every other week, for 6-7 months

  • Access to me in between scheduled sessions for spot coaching

  • Resources, materials and content building


  • This past year, I was awarded 3rd runner up at the Miss Kentucky competition! This achievement simply would not have been possible without the incredible compassion, consideration, and care shown to me by Maria. Maria helped me to hone in on my interview skills and taught me just how important it was to share my true self with the judges. Aside from that, Maria gave me the priceless support of friendship! She sent me sweet messages with well wishes and checked in with me frequently to discuss my progress both in preparation for the competition and in life in general. 

    Haven Wolfe/Pageant Contestant
    3rd runner-up to Miss Kentucky

Improving processes and building up people

Processes and people are the two most important components of building a successful organization or group that works alongside each other, collaborating and achieving results. With an extensive background in corporate organizations, people management, team building, and mentorship – the corporate group offering can be customized to fit your businesses’ needs. 

Having consulted in the automotive space as well as in the small business space, I understand that each operates uniquely differently, yet the basics remain. Having a clearly defined process of doing business with an understanding that the need to be flexible, nimble, and adaptable to change are the keys to growth. And these are some of the areas where a consultant’s touch can be an added benefit. The same goes with people development. All too often, companies don’t invest enough time and energy into training their salesforce and leadership; continuously educating and empowering them to be successful.

Here’s what we’ll cover...

  • Onsite assessment of current processes needing improvement with a detailed plan of action that includes a timeline on deliverables for your organization broken down by department, priority, and need. 

  • Group training geared towards motivating your team that will help set them up for success (sales, leadership, etc.)

  • 1:1 consulting and collaboration with team members identified as needing guidance, support and empowerment. 

  • Goal setting and goal planning on an as-needed basis 

Available for monthly, quarterly or yearly goal planning sessions

  • Maria brings such a positive energy to our business. She has built out a process to make us more successful and it works! We are happy to have her as an extension of our team.

    Corporate Client

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