but lacked the confidence to go after it?

  • Have you desired to be more – do more – achieve more?
  • Wanted to learn how to utilize your network, resources, and the tools at your disposal?
  • Interested in learning how to tactfully navigate conversations that promote why you are the best fit for the position?
  • Acquire the tools necessary for upward advancement within your organization?
  • Ready to show the world the authentic you?
  • Waiting for the right opportunity to brand yourself?

Ever felt this way?

Are you ready to elevate your career or make a career transition?

Would you like to have a broader and more connected network?

Stuck in defining what your personal brand says about you?

Are you interested in boosting your resume, cover letter or interview preparation?

Do you desire to absolutely crush your interview and dominate your onstage presence?

Looking for motivation, empowerment and support in your current phase of life?


Our time together you will...

  • Gain the confidence to assertively approach tougher conversations, advocate for yourself, and promote your personal brand
  • Understand the importance of building out the framework for your network
  • Walk away having clearly defined your core values, skill sets, and career desires
  • Understand the difference between a controllable and uncontrollable situation and how to navigate it well
  • Possess the tools and obtain the resources to continue forward progression
  • Be empowered to achieve the success you deserve!

And I am your biggest supporter and advocate!

Over the course of my corporate career, as a hiring manager and leader, I have coached, developed, and mentored many women – probably a lot like you. 

These women were intelligent, driven, ambitious, competitive, and focused on their careers, but most of them had one thing in common…they lacked confidence and trust in themselves and what they brought to the table.

It all boiled down to this…they needed someone in their corner who understood them.

They needed to feel seen, heard, and believed in – they needed an advocate. In working with them one on one and within group coaching settings, a phenomenal thing occurred – they became their own advocate and cheerleader.

So, do you want to show up as the most authentic and truest version of yourself?

  • “Thank you for the integral part you played in helping me to accomplish this goal!”

    Haven Wolfe
    3rd runner-up to Miss Kentucky
  • “I have so enjoyed my Zoom calls with Maria! After every session I feel so motivated and inspired!”

    Meagen Post
    The Stylish Mom
  • “Thank you so much for everything, you have made such a great impact on my life.”

    Lexi Gryszówka
    Miss Indiana Teen USA 2021 & 2021 Miss Teen USA Photogenic Winner
  • “Love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for always giving the best advice and direction when it comes to chasing my dreams!”

    A’Niyah Birdsong
    Miss Indiana USA 2021 & Corporate Client
  • “I love your style, bringing women together and building their vision.”

    Melissa Smyth
    Vision Board participant
  • “So thankful for your part in my journey. You have been truly amazing helping me become the best version of my”

    Molly Sullivan
    Collegiate Client & Miss Campbellsville 2023
  • Creating my board with you at Kenect Nashville was awesome! I wanted my goals and vision to align personally, financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. To be truly ALIGNED in all aspects of my life. Thank you again Maria, for all your insight!

    Carli Kahl
    Vision Imagery Workshop - Kenect Nashville

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