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Creating the Vision

How do we create visionaries? What does it take to tap into our infinite potential and design a meaningful vision for our lives?

I’m your host Maria Maldonado Smith, and this is Creating the Vision – a podcast about living the life you envisioned and leaning into your power, purpose, and the goals you so badly want to achieve.

Each week on Wednesdays, we’ll hear from everyday people discuss their journey to living and creating the vision for the life they’re living. Plus, we’ll discuss all things vision imagery and vision board creation, goal setting, and accountability so that you feel empowered, motivated, and supported throughout your own vision journey.

The goal for you in listening to these conversations is to begin thinking about your own vision for the life you want to create – and to become inspired to take action – turning your plan in to the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

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I’m an all or nothing type of person. It’s why the work I do means so much to me and it is why you can be confident in choosing to work with me.

Two of my life’s greatest achievements are: marrying my husband, and building our family with three of the most spectacular, and sometimes not so spectacular, humans this side of Heaven. My husband and I are each other’s biggest supporters. We challenge each other daily to be better, to love more, and to choose happiness. Our children are an extension of that foundation and it’s in this daily display that our love for them and our desire to see them be the best versions of who they were designed to be, is rooted. If raising kind and giving humans could win you a Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, or Tony – then achieving those would be the penultimate accomplishment of my life.

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