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Help your team reach their full potential, spark innovation, and create a shared sense of purpose to drive your company forward.

The Workshop Your Team Actually Wants

In today’s corporate world, fostering a positive culture and providing meaningful benefits and incentives are crucial. But finding workshops that truly resonate with your team can be challenging. That’s where my workshops come in—these are the sessions your people actually want and will enjoy.

Every workshop begins with an in-person training on Executive Vision Imagery™️, a unique approach to vision boarding tailored specifically for corporate settings. This engaging and impactful session helps your leaders visualize their goals and align them with the company’s vision.

From there, we can continue with additional in-person sessions or virtual workshops to delve deeper into these techniques, ensuring your leaders are equipped to inspire and drive success within your organization. Our workshops can be customized to match the backgrounds and skills of your team, addressing the specific needs of your organization—all revolving around inspiring your leaders.

These sessions are designed to unlock potential, spark innovation, and create a shared sense of purpose that drives your company forward.

How it Works

Step One

Schedule Your Workshop: Choose a time for an engaging in-person training session on Executive Vision Imagery™️

Step Two

Create the Vision: Allow your leaders to be guided through the process of visualizing their goals and aligning them with the company’s vision.

Step Three

Foster Continuous Growth: Begin with the Executive Vision Imagery™️ workshop and expand into additional sessions to ensure ongoing development and inspiration for your team.

Who It's For

How Does This Sound?

Results You're Going to Get


Leaders with a new set of skills to effectively visualize and achieve their goals, driving organizational success


Teams that work together more effectively, fostering unity and collaboration, which enhances overall performance and morale.


Employees who think creatively and solve problems efficiently, leading to innovative solutions and a competitive edge in your industry.


A growth mindset embedded within your organization, ensuring long-term success and adaptability in a constantly changing environment.

What clients say

We are a stronger team for having had this experience together

“I could not let the day come to an end without expressing my gratitude once again for your presence with our leadership team. It was truly a gift to be able to dedicate intentional time to realign our purpose and focus on our individual goals for 2024. Thank you for pouring yourself out with such grace and vulnerability – we are a stronger team for having had this experience together.”

Tiffani D.
Children's Harbor

Thank you for leading that amazing workshop

“Thank you for leading that amazing workshop! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we cannot wait to have you become a part of the Women’s Leadership Initiative here at J&J.”

Brittany C.
Johnson & Johnson

Fantastic Presentation

“Fantastic presentation!!! The organization is very happy with the presentation. We had a total of 75 participants today so that is great! Thanks so much and I’m positive we’ll have you back to do another!!!”

Tammy P. via Walt Disney Corp.

Where we Start

Executive Vision Imagery

Executive Vision Imagery™️ is the powerful tool I use in all my goal-setting and team-building workshops for top companies like Disney, Paramount, Medtronic, and Johnson & Johnson. This engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking workshop empowers leaders and teams to visualize their goals and create a clear path to achieving them.

In this workshop, I blend the principles of vision boarding with the latest insights from neuroscience to help you map out your goals visually. This unique approach not only clarifies your objectives but also boosts motivation and accountability, driving success for both individuals and the organization.

Participants get to see the bigger picture and understand the steps needed to reach their aspirations. This method fosters creativity, encourages strategic thinking, and helps build a cohesive team environment.